The year is 1891. Dr. John Watson has just recently returned from a grueling tour in Afghanistan, making it difficult to adjust to civilian life. His quest for new living arrangements bring him to the infamous 221B Baker Street, where he is introduced to his new flat mate, a "Miss Sherlock Holmes". 

Set entirely within the dangerous walls of this classic domestic stomping grounds of mystery fiction’s most famous crime fighters, the five part series gives an audience a fly on the wall perspective into the world of a legend.

Shot in five days in Beaverton, Ontario.

While not the grand Sherlockian mystery most are used to, 221B emphasizes the domestic side of the mystery solving duo, often leading to comedic, puzzling and dangerous results. Giving a fresh perspective to the English Icons.  Sometimes a woman's touch is needed, even within the walls of 221B

The cast and crew include
Jasper Mitchell as Sherlock Holmes

J.P. Beaudoin as Doctor John Watson

Charlotte Empringham as Mrs. Hudson

and Eddie Greer as Professor James Moriarty

Written/ Directed by Carter deLaat

Director of Photography: Max F. Sims

Music Composed by: Graham Galbraith-Nolan (https://soundcloud.com/acrylicdecay)

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  1. Nice idea.But i believe,some more aggressive lady must be the holmes